Advice For Your Eyes

Change Your Lenses Every Year to Protect your eyes!

Small scratches that are invisible to your eyes can make your eyesight worse.

It is highly recommended to replace glasses every 1 to 2 years.
UV Protection coatings on sunglasses can peel off over time, even if you don’t wear them.
Ways To Take Care of Your Glasses
Self Adjustment
Adjust tip of the frame temple that rest on your ears (temple ends) for better comfort.
If legs of the frame (temples) feel loose, gently tighten the screw on hinge using a screwdriver. Please be advised, that overtightening the screw may damage the hinge.

Note: Excessive adjustments or pressure may cause damage on the frame.

Cleaning Your Glasses
If lenses have smudges from normal wear, lightly clean the lenses with microfiber cloth.
If the lenses are dirty, we recommend using a liquid detergent. Cleaning lenses and frame once a day using liquid detergent and microfiber cloth is the good way to maintain your glasses in the best condition.
Always Use Two Hands
Always use two hands to take off glasses. Taking off glasses with one hand can cause strain on one side of the frame and may cause frame to be unbalanced. These conditions may result in eye strain and discomfort.
The Ten Commandments
  • 1
    For minor smudges, rinse with water and wipe lenses carefully with microfiber cloth.
  • 2
    If lenses need more cleaning, use a liquid detergent then rinse with water. Wipe lenses gently with microfiber cloth.
  • 3
    When taking glasses off, use both hands.
  • 4
    When cleaning glasses, do not directly touch the lenses with hands.
  • 5
    When putting down glasses, do not put the lenses facing ground. It may cause scratches on lenses.
  • 6
    Always store glasses in a case when not in use.
  • 7
    Do not use alkaline detergent to clean glasses.
  • 8
    Do not leave glasses in a sauna or inside a car during hot weather.
  • 9
    It is best to make a habit to check to see if hinge or rim lock became loose.
  • 10
    It is highly recommended for children and young adults to have an eye exam every year. Adults are also recommended every 1 to 2 years.