Thinner, Lighter, and More Comfortable

EyesGram's AI will recommend the best index lenses for your prescription!

✓ NO additional fee for higher prescriptions (providing 1.67 & 1.74 High Index lenses)
✓ With 20 years of experience and data, we offer optimal lenses ranging from 1.56 to 1.74.
✓ We use aspheric lenses to maximize comfort and minimized eye strain.

*Exemptions may apply

NO Price Add-On Options!

Below options have additional charges in most companies, but come FREE at EyesGram:

✓ Blue Light Blocker to prevent harmful lights from digital screens
✓ 100% UV Protection from sun
✓ High quality scratch resistant, hydrophobic and anti-reflection coatings

Over 40? You May Have Changes in Vision!

✓ Have you been squinting your eyes to see things up-close?
✓ Have you considered Progressive Glasses but found them too expensive?
✓ Progressive Lenses in market usually costs from $200 up to $700
✓ Meet our Progressive Plan for $649 for complete 2 pairs!
✓ How about a daily Progressive Glasses with another Prescription Sunglasses?
Or a Photochromic Progressive Glasses for the second pair?
✓ Have the freedom to choose!

Keep Your Fashion

Tint, Photochromic or Polarized Sunglasses - your choice!
For additional $200, you can upgrade your 3 pairs to Prescription Sunglasses.
Prescription Sunglasses that will keep up with your fashion.
Try Polarized Sunglasses for fishing, biking and other outdoor activities.
You can experience the reduction in eyestrain.
Try Photochromic Lenses for clear glasses indoors & sunglasses outdoors all-in-one.

Numbers in Index Lenses?

Higher Index numbers mean thinner lenses. 1.50, 1.56, 1.60, 1.67, 1.74, progressively become thicker to thinner.
Higher prescriptions usually require higher index lens to make lenses thinner.
Most companies use lenses from 1.50 and up, but charge much more for thinner lenses.
At EyesGram, we use lenses from 1.56 up to 1.74 with NO EXTRA CHARGE.
*Exemptions may apply