• ▣ Ultra-Thin Lenses(1.56 ~ 1.74)
  • ▣ Free blue light blocker
  • ▣ Choice of any frames
  • ▣ 2X Free exchanges
Basic Plan Premium Plan Progressive Plan
Price 398 CAD 598 CAD 649 CAD
Number of Glasses (in 1 year) 3 Glasses 3 Glasses 2 Glasses
Available Lenses - Single Vision
- Reading
- Photochromic
- Prescription Sunglasses
(includes Polarized / Mirrored)
- Driving

- Single Vision
- Reading
- Progressive
- Single Vision
- Reading
- Photochromic
- Prescription Sunglasses
(includes Polarized / Mirrored)
- Driving
Included in All Plans - Any choice of Frames
- Blue Light Blocker
- Additional Coatings: Scratch Resistant, Hydrophobic, Anti-Reflection & UV Protection
(Exemptions may apply)
Special Gift Glasses Case / Microfiber Glasses Cleaner / Mini Screwdriver
Basic Plan $398

Introducing the new beginning of eyewear service.

Choose any 3 Single Vision pairs with top-quality frames and lenses for just $398 throughout the year!

Single Vision : myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia(far-sightedness) & astigmatism

Low price for low quality?
Not at EyesGram!

Choose any frames or prescription lenses

Basic Plan starts with 1.56 High-Index lenses with options up to 1.74 at no additional cost.

All frames are made in Japan and Korea.

Pricey add-ons like blue light blockers and protective coatings are FREE.

Premium Plan $598

Do you need Prescription Sunglasses, Special Driving Lenses or Photochromic Lenses?

Photochromic Lenses automatically darken your glasses when exposed to sunlight.

Driving Lenses reduce glare while driving.

Premium plan includes Polarized & Mirrored options for Prescription Sunglasses!

We have brought down these high priced options in an affordable package.

Choose 3 pairs!
(You can also include Single Vision glasses)

Progressive Plan $649

Progressive Lens, one of the greatest recent developments of lenses, is also known for its expensive price.

At EyesGram, we offer 2 pairs of Progressive Glasses for just $649.

If you are a couple who each needs Progressive Glasses, one subscription will allow for two different prescriptions.

Take advantage of Progressive Glasses to correct both distance and near vision!

Glasses and everything else in one plan!

Available Range per Lens Types SPH(Sphere) CYL(Cylinder) ADD
Single Vision -12.00 ~ +6.00 -4.00~+4.00 +0.25~+6.00
Special Lens
(Photochromic, Driving & Prescription Sunglasses)
Progressive -10.00~+6.00
* Single Vision : Myopia(near-sightedness), Hyperopia(far-sightedness) & Astigmatism
* Special lenses are best for -2.00~+2.00.

Big and small scratches greatly interfere with your vision and can eventually damage your eyes.

Let us help protect them.

Subscribe to our yearly program and have spotless glasses all year round!