Order & General
  • Q
    How can I order glasses?
    You can order glasses with EyesGram by subscribing to our membership.
    With the subscription, you can choose different lenses types according to the plan.
    Once you have subscribed with us, you can start to upload your prescription.
    After choosing your frames and lenses, your glasses will be delivered to your address.
  • Q
    What is a PD? And how do I measure it?
    PD is pupillary distance, which is the distance between two pupils.
    First, check your prescription and see if there is a PD value.
    You can ask the optometrist for your PD during an eye exam.
    If PD was not provided, you can measure your PD by using the online app or following the instructions stated online.
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    Can I order different prescriptions glasses in one subscription?
    Yes, EyesGram offers to order different glasses with different prescriptions in one subscription.
    In general, most of the Buy One Get One Free promotions require same prescriptions or the price of the free pair to be less than the purchased pair.
    At EyesGram, there are no limitations. You can order all your glasses with different prescription.
    For instance, you can order your glasses along with your child’s glasses with different prescription under one subscription.
    We only ask that all glasses to be sent to one address, that’s all.
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    Can I change my frame after the order?
    If your order has not been shipped, you can simply cancel your order and change your frame.
    If your glasses have already been shipped, give your glasses a try and see if you like it!
    If you still feel the need to change your frame, you can take advantage of EyesGram’s 2 free exchange service.
  • Q
    How are EyesGram’s glasses inexpensive?
    The reason that glasses have been so expensive is due to the fact that offline optical must raise the cost of glasses to afford their inventories, and also due to multi-layered subcontracting practices done by the big companies.
    We did not lower any of our costs to reduce the prices.
    We exclusively design and manufacture all our frames using the state-of-the-art technologies from Japan and South Korea.
    We only handle lenses that are top quality in market.
    Therefore, you can assure that you will be more than satisfied with the quality of our product.
    We do not want to do a business to rip you off, but to contribute in making the environment of the optical industry a better one for all of us.
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    Can I subscribe more than one plan with one ID (e-mail)?
    You can apply to one subscription per one ID (e-mail) with EyesGram.
    In order to subscribe for another plan, please create a new ID with a new e-mail address.
  • Q
    When would be the last day to order for my glasses in my plan?
    Your subscription is for 1 year from your subscribed date.
    Your subscription will automatically expire after 1 year of registration.
    Please make sure to order your glasses within this time period.
  • Q
    I had a remaining order to place, but my subscription is expired.
    In case that you have not placed all of your orders within the subscription period, your remaining order(s) will automatically expire once the subscription ends.
    EyesGram will send a notification 1 month before the expiry as a reminder. Please make sure to place all the order within the subscription period.
  • Q
    How can I cancel my order?
    Orders can be cancelled only before glasses production occurs.
    You can check the status of your order in My Page -> My Order. When the status is "Order Requested", you can cancel your order. Once the status changes to "Order Approved' or "Order Completed", it means that the production has already begun and cancellation is not available.
    You can also take advantage of 2 free exchanges once you have recieved your product.
Delivery & Shipping
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    When can I receive my order?
    All our products are shipped via express air freight from South Korea.
    Although every shipment may differ according to the air freight schedule, you will receive your shipment approximately within 2 weeks after placing your order.
    Special lenses (prescription sunglasses , driving, photochromic) and progressive glasses may take up to 3 weeks to be delivered as they are custom made upon order.
    We will send you a tracking information once your order is shipped.
  • Q
    Can I check my order status?
    You can check your order status under My Order -> Order Status.
  • Q
    How much is shipping?
    EyesGram offers free shipping to most of the locations throughout Canada.
    But, in very few addresses that may be in remote or less populated area, we may be in contact with you and charge for additional shipping cost.
    EyesGram will follow the guidelines provided by FedEx Canada regarding shipping zones.
    For further inquiries regarding shipping, please contact customer_support@eyesgram.ca.
  • Q
    Can I receive all 3 glasses in one shipment?
    Of course! Not only do you receive your 3 fabulous glasses, but we also send you a premium eyeglasses container as a gift!
  • Q
    How can I read my prescription?
    Here are some terms that can be helpful to know:

    ◇ OD : abbreviated Latin term Oculus dexter meaning Right Eye.
    ◇ OS : abbreviated Latin term Oculus sinister meaning Left Eye.

    ◇ SPH : Sphere (SPH) on the prescription indicates the lenses power for your vision to see clearly. A minus (-) symbol next to the number means you are nearsighted, which means you have hard time seeing things in distance.
    Therefore, you need a minus lenses to correct your vision.
    A plus (+) symbol next to the number means you are farsighted, which means you have hard time seeing thigs up close.
    Therefore, you need a plus lenses to correct your vision.

    ◇ CYL : Cylinder (CYL) on the prescription indicates that you have an astigmatism.
    The number will indicate the lenses power to correct your astigmatism.
    It can be written in either minus (-) or plus (+) form depending on the optometrist.

    ◇ AXIS : Axis on the prescription also indicates that you have an astigmatism.
    The number shows the angle of the lenses to correct your astigmatism.
    Cylinder & Axis are always required together.

    ◇ ADD : ADD number indicates the magnifying power for reading, bi-focal, multi-focal and progressive lenses.

    ◇ PD : PD (Pupillary Distance) is the distance between two pupils.
    PD is measured in millimeters (mm), and which is used to place the optical center of your lenses to make your vision more clear and comfortable.
  • Q
    My prescription is expired, do I need a new eye exam?
    It is strongly recommended that when prescription is outdated, you should see an optometrist to get a new eye exam done.
    It is recommended that you get your eyes examined every 1 to 2 years or when you feel a difference in your vision.
    Also, for children and teenagers as it is more likely have changes in their vision as they age, it is recommended to have an eye exam at least once every year.
  • Q
    How can I know if the frame would look good on me?
    Try our Virtual Fitting service to experience how our frame would look amazing on you!
  • Q
    Can I order glasses with no prescription lenses?
    Even if you do not need to wear prescription glasses now, blue light blocker lenses can be helpful for your eyes.
    Especially, if you are on smartphone or on a pc for work all day, blue light blocker lenses may help reduce fatigue in your eyes.
  • Q
    Do you offer frames for children?
    Yes, we do! We have a whole section of frames to put a smile on your little ones. Check out the kids frames in the KIDS section.
  • Q
    How can you assure the quality of the frames?
    All the frames are designed and manufactured by professionals with over 20 years of experience.
    Everything is manufactured in Japan and South Korea and will be shipped directly to your doorstep upon your order.
    If you are not satisfied with our product, you can request for an exchange or return through our customer service email (customer_support@eyesgram.ca).
  • Q
    I broke my frame, what should I do?
    Whether if it is your fault or by accident, it does not matter!
    We offer free exchanges up to two times with the subscription, no questions asked.
    With the basic package, you pay $398 for three complete pairs of glasses with two free exchange.
    We just ask that you return the used glasses in advance for an exchange.
    Return address will be provided once you have requested for an exchange to our customer support team. (customer_support@eyesgram.ca)
  • Q
    Is there difference in price according to different frames?
    No! EyesGram does not charge any extra cost for any of the frame you choose.
    Be adventurous with EyesGram and try a new look.
    If that’s not your favourite one, you have two more chances to choose the best pair for you anyways.
  • Q
    Which Lenses Index do you offer?
    At EyesGram, we provide our standard single vision lenses from 1.60 up to 1.74 to provide the utmost comfort for our customers.
    For Progressive Lenses, we offer 1.56 up to 1.67 high index lenses to best fit customers' needs.
    (Exemptions may apply for special option lenses)
  • Q
    Do you have Progressive Lenses?
    Yes, we do!
    Indeed, what we offer are premium quality progressive lenses which allows user to adapt comfortably to seeing all three (distance, intermediate, and near) fields well in one lenses with no visible lines.
  • Q
    Can I add color to Progressive Lenses?
    In the Progressive Plan, EyesGram offers the option to add Photochromic Lenses to the Progressive Lenses.
    Progressive Lenses with Photochromic is an all-in-one solution for your convenient eyewear life!
  • Q
    I want to add more color on my Lenses.
    Choose the SUNGLASSES tab on the menu.
    Select the frame of your choice then select the lenses with your desired color.
    You also have the option to choose polarized lenses to reduce glare or mirrored or half-mirrored lenses to add more style to your sunglasses!
    Or even both at the same time! EyesGram offers 7 different colors for sunglasses along with 6 types of mirrored lenses, and 3 types of half-mirrored lenses to help you find your personal style.
  • Q
    I need protection for my eyes while using the computer. What do I need?
    You can benefit from our Blue Light Blocker Lenses! When you order your glasses, we offer Blue Light Blocker Lenses as an option at no additional cost.
    If you have children, we also recommend your child with non-prescription Blue Light Blocker Lenses.
    These lenses will help protect you and your child from harsh blue light emitting from smartphones, TV and other electronic devices. As long as we ship the glasses to the same address, you can order glasses with different prescriptions under one subscription plan.
    This is the way EyesGram helps you take care of your family.
  • Q
    I don’t see well in these lenses, what should I do?
    There may be a couple of reasons that you are having difficulty seeing with your lenses.

    1) Make sure that your glasses are properly adjusted to your face.
    2) If the prescription is a new prescription and it is your first time trying out glasses with this new prescription, it may take a couple of days for you to get adjusted.
    It is recommended that you wear your glasses continuously and not switch back and forth with your old one.
    3) Make sure of your prescription and PD.
    Please check the prescription in your invoice and the prescription from your eye exam, and make sure it matches.
    If there was an error entering your prescription while ordering, you can take advantage of the 2X Free Exchange service.
    In such case, please contact customer_support@eyesgram.ca.
    4) With your glasses on, look straight and lock your eyes on a point in the distance.
    Move your head slowly up and down without moving your eyes.
    If the vision sharpens when moving up or down, the lenses in the frame may have to be re-adjusted. Please contact customer_support@eyesgram.ca, for us to help you out. We may ask for a photo of you wearing your glasses in order to check the position of your glasses for proper adjustment.

    If you have tried the above options to correct your vision, but still have difficulty, we provide 100% full refund on orders within 15 days after receiving your 1st order of glasses.
    EyesGram also offers 2 free exchanges within 15 days after receiving your order of glasses within the subscription period.
    For further information about returns and exchanges, please kindly check on the Return Policy under Return and Warranty.
  • Q
    What is the best method to clean my lenses?
    Always use a microfiber cloth to clean your lenses.
    Cleaning the lenses and frame once a day using liquid detergent and microfiber cloth is the best way to maintain your glasses in a good condition.
  • Q
    What kind of payment options are offered?
    We accept payment through debit, credit (VISA, MasterCard) and also PayPal.
  • Q
    As EyesGram is a subscription-based eyewear service, how is an invoice provided for my glasses?
    EyesGram is the world's first to ever offer subscription-based eyewear service at fixed prices.
    Therefore, prices do not change depending on prescriptions or frames but differently depending on your order and priced on the invoice as following:
    1) Basic Plan: first pairs are $300, and second and third pairs are $49 each.
    2) Premium Plan: first pairs are $400, and second and third pairs are $99 each.
    3) Progressive Plan: first pairs are $450, and second pairs are $199.
    For further assistance or concerns, please contact us at customer_support@eyesgram.ca
  • Q
    How do I find my invoice?
    Navigate to ‘My Order’ and click ‘View detail’. Click on ‘print receipt’ and your invoice should be ready to be viewed.
  • Q
    Can I bill my glasses to my insurance?
    In most cases, your private or company insurance plans include prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses as part of your benefit, but every coverage may differ depending on your plan or the policy of the insurance.
    EyesGram cannot be responsible for your insurance claims, but we can provide receipts to help you submit your claims.
    Please make sure to check with your insurance company first regarding your coverage before purchasing your glasses.
  • Q
    Do you offer direct billing to insurance?
    EyesGram does not offer direct billing to insurance, but we provide a copy of the receipt with the information you need to claim to your insurance.
  • Q
    My insurance company is asking me to submit more information, what should I do?
    We can definitely help you to claim your insurance in the best way possible, as some insurances require additional information.
    You can contact us at our customer service e-mail (customer_support@eyesgram.com) and we can provide the necessary information from our end.
Return and Warranty
  • Q
    What is your refund or return policy?
    The refund policy at EyesGram includes partial and full refunds.
    1. Full refunds can be issued for the following:
    a) no order has been made for 180 days since the date of subscription
    b) less than 15 days since receiving the first order
    2. Partial refunds will differ depending on your plan and the number of order received.
    The prices of your order is irrelevant to the prescription or frame type.
    Please refer to the invoice for further breakdown of prices.
    Below is detailed refund amount per subscribed plan.
    Refund Amount
    Plans < 15days since
    receipt of 1st order
    > 15days since
    receipt of 1st order
    days since receipt of
    2nd order
    days since receipt of
    3rd order
    Basic $398 $98 $49 $0
    Premium $598 $198 $99 $0
    Progressive $649 $199 $0 N/A
    If you end up not liking your order for whatever reasons, you get 2 free exchanges within 15 days of receiving your order under the subscription year.

    For further questions or concerns, please contact us via e-mail at customer_support@eyesgram.ca
  • Q
    What if I’m not satisfied with the frame that I ordered?
    Your satisfaction is our #1 goal.
    We support free exchange up to two times with the subscription within 15 days after receiving your glasses or sunglasses.
    For EyesGram to process your return, we ask that you return the glasses you received.
    Return address will be provided when you request a return to our customer support at customer_support@eyesgram.ca
  • Q
    How can I request an exchange or return?
    Do you not like the fit of your glasses after trying them?
    EyesGram offers 2 free exchanges within the subscription year.
    1) Whether you do not like your order or you have damaged your pairs, you get 2 free exchanges within 15 days since you received your glasses.
    2) If your delivery was damaged, please send us a picture of the damaged order along with the carrier's packaging.
    For these cases, a new product will be sent without any extra charges. Please send us an email at customer_support@eyesgram.ca to request your exchange.
    (include picture of damaged items)
    We will send you the instructions and address to return your product.
  • Q
    My product has been damaged upon delivery. What do I do?
    Eyesgram always prioritize flawless services and the safety of your product.
    We apologize for any inconvenience with the delivery.
    If your product has been damaged, please send us a picture of the product along with the carrier packaging.
    A replacement will be sent with no penalties on your plan.