what is PD?

PD is a short term for “pupillary distance” which is the distance between one center of the pupil to another.
This is information is important when ordering your glasses.

Options to get PD measurement
  • 01
    Request your PD measurement during an eye exam

    PD provided from an eye professional is the most accurate measurement and is recommended.
    Do not worry if this information is not provided, there are also other methods to measure a PD.

  • 02
    Use an online application

    It's easier than you think! Search "PD measurement" from Google or Apple App store.
    There are numerous free applications available to download. We recommend "GlassesOn".
    Using the application, try measuring up to 3 or 4 times, and you will find that you will get similar measurements.

  • 03
    Send us your picture and we will provide a PD

    Take a picture of yourself with a magnetic stripe card.
    Send us an e-mail with your picture to customer_support@eyesgram.ca and we will provide a PD.